Thursday, July 16, 2009

Summer Fun Part 2

The second free day activity we planned was an outing to the Griffith Observatory. Again, Jason and I had gone once before in the evening on our own and I wanted to give the kids an opportunity to experience it. Isabel had learned a little about what a planetarium was from one of her favorite books Fancy Nancy Sees Stars and I knew they'd enjoy learning about the planets through the hands on exhibits at the observatory.
The girls loved walking through the planet room where there is a scale of the solar system. They were able to learn a little about each planet and see what they'd weigh on each one. I think on half of the planets my kids wouldn't even exist, they weighed about 1/2 pound. The girls were also able to attend the planetarium with Jason. Unfortunately, children under 5 were not permitted so I walked around with the boys while the girls and Jason watched the show. This was a great teaching opportunity for Jason too, to discuss with the girls the truth of the creation of the universe as opposed to what modern science might say.

The kids "orbiting" the sun. Out in front of the Observatory they have a solar system on the ground showing the orbits of all the planets. The outer planets orbits go almost all the way to the parking lot. Here Isabel and Acacia are following Earth's orbit and James is walking on Venus.

The balcony allows for a view of the famous "Hollywood" sign.

Isabel and Acacia examining a miniature of Jupiter.

Isabel and Acacia getting a lesson on the universe from Albert Einstein.

Brenton was happiest getting out of the stroller to crawl around at lunch time.

Summer Fun

Jason had been scheduled to teach summer school this summer. We found out two days before school was to start that his district decided to cancel summer school due to the education budget issues in the state. We greeted this news with excitement, knowing that God would provide all we needed and that included time for Jason to be home with the family for the summer. With a whole summer ahead of us I sat down and considered activities that I would like for us to get to do together this summer and places I'd like to take the kids (that didn't necessarily cost money to get in). I put together a calendar with activities placed throughout giving us some days out and some days at home. The following is a summary of our first family excursion.
A few months ago Jason and I went out for a date night to a restaurant down in Glendale in an open air mall called the Americana. At that time I knew I wanted to come back with the kids some time. It's a beautiful open air mall that has a fountain programmed to music and a trolly. So, on July 2nd we packed up a lunch and headed down to Glendale. We ate at one of the many tables outside next to the fountain and got to watch it perform to a Frank Sinatra song.

The girls watching the fountain dance to the music. It was really fun little show.

The Americana is across the street from the Glendale Galleria. We walked over there after playing at the fountain for a little while. Jamesy loves the Lego store and enjoys the boy dress-up that can be found there. Here is my little Knight, Sir Smilesalot!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Friends Enjoying One Another

Recently we spent some time with our dear friends the Gardner's. Our kids had a great time swimming with Pearson and Zach.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Meet Fiona Bergin

At the recent Moore Family Reunion (Heather's side of the family) our girls spent a good amount of time with their 2nd cousin Fiona Bergin. Her parents are Mark and Acacia Bergin (Acacia is Heather's cousin and our Acacia's namesake.) Fiona is a darling little girl that we got to take home with us on Friday night for a "cousins" sleepover.

Fiona feeding the rabbits at the cutest little petting zoo in San Juan Capistrano.

The girls eating their lunch outside, under a tree, just before Great Grandpa and Great Grandma Moore's 70th Wedding Anniversary.