Thursday, July 29, 2010

Fourth of July Favorites

I wrote this blog entry a year ago and was waiting to get my first picture of Cade and Isabel transferred from old fashioned negatives to a disc to download (since I don't have a scanner). And so here I am a year later, waiting again for the same thing. Maybe I'll never get it transferred but I still love these sweet Fourth of July memories and so want to share them. This year we celebrated our first 4th of July in Texas and so missed our annual picture with Cade, but he was not forgotten as you'll see at the end.

Nearly every Fourth of July for the last 8 years we have been with our good friends, the Lycklamas. Beginning in 2002, when Isabel was 2 months old and Caedmon was 7 months old, we got together for a BBQ, and watching fireworks and all the fun that comes with Independence Day. That year we took a picture of the two of them along with another good friend, Pearson Gardner. Ever since that time we have been doing the same thing every July 4th. We have many other friends who get together too and we always enjoy swimming, BBQing, and fireworks; and we always try to get in an annual picture of Isabel and Cade. We have only missed one year in the last 8, 2006, thus no picture here. Enjoy watching the kids grow below.

2004 - I think Caedmon had just eaten a cookie.
20092010 - our first Fourth in Texas